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Re: WordPress Openness (was Re: [wp-hackers] UI development for 1.6)

Having watched this discussion develop, I do have to make a few comments ... again :p First, the whole remark by Matt about the link to Mike "out of the box" was both irrelevant and low. I do grant that Mike's first e-mail might have seemed like a personal attack on Matt - that's the way it read on initial reading to me - but still, the remark was uncalled for. Second, Mike really cleared the air with his later mails where he clarified where he was coming from. I see his points now and do agree with some of them :)
I realize that Mike is looking at this from the big picture perspective - as how will WP develop and where will it go? How will the community as a whole be affected by the changes and the way WP is managed? I can also see Matt's side of it, which is more along the lines of get it done now and make changes later - which is how I tend to code as well -. Unfortunately, this seems to be a clash of two different philosophies - or to borrow a reference from Mike, the bazar vs. the cathedral. There are those who like each approach but I don't know if it would be possible to merge the two so that you have a solution which works for all. Me, I'm a coder, not a thinker - I'd still be saying, if you don't like the way it's done, do it your own way ... because that's what I'd do. But I also agree with Mike that that wouldn't be the best thing for the community at large. Perhaps if we each (or rather the major players in the community who do have contributions to make) took a step back and tried to look at this from the other person's perspective ..... ?


Mike Little wrote:
I don't have any right to commit, and I have nothing major to
contribute right now. My point was about the closed nature of this
open source project.

If you know "the cathedral and the bazaar", I'm claiming WP is a
cathedral with one high priest.


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