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Re: [wp-testers] is tiny-mce broken on Camino/Safari or is that my misconfiguration?

We're not alone in tring to integrate WYSIWYG into blogging. For
example, Blogger has a pretty slick rich editor already. It doesn't do
everything ours does, but there are some things it does better.

The goal is to improve upon the editing pages until we have a small
set of options that pleases everyone. That's a tall order for 1.5 ->

All of your suggestions are taken into consideration. Mike, mouse-free
editing is a goal of mine although it's not going to be ready for 2.0.
Roy, tabbed editing (Rich & Plain/Quicktags) to let users make the
switch on-the-fly is also a goal but again, it's not in 2.0.

As for forbidden HTML elements such as script and style, I understand
that these are being stripped to protect you from malicious authors
but I also think that it's going a little overboard. I would like to
see script and inline CSS become allowable on save, a general security
option set by the admin. This area has been mentioned only rarely on
these lists and I suspect that if well-formed opinions do not begin
appearing with greater frequency, the clamps will remain tight.

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