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Re: [horde] Horde Settings Path (Shared Host)

_____/ On Tue 13 Dec 2005 11:36:53 GMT, [eculp] wrote : \_____

> Quoting Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Does anyone happen to know where the per user settings of Horde
>> reside? I can't
>> find them anywhere in the home directory even though I spent a very 
>> long time
>> scanning every possible subdirectory. It is not mail I am after, but
>> rather the
>> filters, among other settings. In the past I lost  all settings when 
>> the host
>> upgraded Horde. I want to at least keep a copy of the personalised
>> settings, at
>> least so that I can re-build them if necessary. On this RedHat
>> server, I tried
>> looking under /usr/share, but no luck either.
>> Thanks for any ideas you may have,
> Good morning, Roy.
> Have you checked your horde_prefs table in your horde preferences
> backend that you probably defined in Administration -> setup -> horde
> in the Preference System tab?  Maybe you haven't completed the set up
> your new installation yet.
> ed

Thanks for the prompt response, Ed. I have just taken an all-round all 
at Horde
settings to no avail. Are you assuming that I installed Horde or have
administrator privileges? I am not a Web host, but merely have a site hosted
with cPanel front-end, which seems to include Horde by default. I was 
hoping to
protect my settings so that they can fully be restored if/when my host
reinstalls/upgrades Horde. I have accumulated many settings for over a year.

Many thanks,


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