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Re: [horde] Horde Settings Path (Shared Host)

_____/ On Tue 13 Dec 2005 14:09:26 GMT, [eculp] wrote : \_____

Quoting Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

_____/ On Tue 13 Dec 2005 11:36:53 GMT, [eculp] wrote : \_____

Quoting Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Does anyone happen to know where the per user settings of Horde
reside? I can't
find them anywhere in the home directory even though I spent a very
long time
scanning every possible subdirectory. It is not mail I am after, but
rather the
filters, among other settings. In the past I lost  all settings when
the host
upgraded Horde. I want to at least keep a copy of the personalised
settings, at
least so that I can re-build them if necessary. On this RedHat
server, I tried
looking under /usr/share, but no luck either.

Thanks for any ideas you may have,

Good morning, Roy.

Have you checked your horde_prefs table in your horde preferences
backend that you probably defined in Administration -> setup -> horde
in the Preference System tab?  Maybe you haven't completed the set up
your new installation yet.


Thanks for the prompt response, Ed. I have just taken an all-round all at Horde settings to no avail. Are you assuming that I installed Horde or have administrator privileges? I am not a Web host, but merely have a site hosted with cPanel front-end, which seems to include Horde by default. I was hoping to protect my settings so that they can fully be restored if/when my host reinstalls/upgrades Horde. I have accumulated many settings for over a year.

I know nothing about cPanel but others here probably use it.  If your
provider is using one horde for all his clientes, I would hope that
when he upgrades horde that he will keep the prefs backend.  If you
have your own installation of horde included in hosting, you would want
to backup your backends before the upgrade. Have you discussed this
with your provider?

Good luck,


Thanks, Ed. I will stress that point to my host before upgrades.

The  last upgrade was quite a major one in terms of the functionality as I
perceive it. I never kept track of version numbers, but the navigation bar
on  the left, among other nice features, made a tremendous difference  and
made  Horde  a powerful tool. It is only the volatility of  many  settings
that scares me.


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