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Re: [horde] Merge/Channel Mail Folders/Accounts

_____/ On Fri 06 Jan 2006 06:26:37 GMT, [Robin Rainton] wrote : \_____

Quoting Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


This question partly involves Apache, but primarily concerned with Horde, which
is best bar none! I have a particular mail account (let us call it A) on domain
X which is protected by BoxTrapper and SpamAssassin. I have another mail
account, B, which also resides on the domain X. If messages get past both
filters, they can reach box A, but that box is rarely checked (~99% is spam,
genuine mail once in about a week).

Is there a way of channelling mail that is received by A to account B? This
needs to be done at Horde-level, otherwise mail filtering will be missed. I
thought about filtering at Horde startup, but it only applies to a single
account, e.g. unrouted mail.

Many thanks for any advice you may have,


Hi Robin,

I'm a bit confused... you want to 'forward' mail from one box to another but not
through the MTA?

The mail transport agent will re-direct mail items before they are 'sanitised'.
What I was hoping to do is merge boxes, but apply different filtering policies
depending on the "To:" header. Sadly, I can't instruct SpamAssassin or
BoxTrapper to have a condition which says "do your 'thing' only if the message
is sent to address X". Instead, I enable them to a different and separate
account, but what they permit to get through remains in that isolated box.

How about using something like imapcp (mbcp.py), or some other pop->imap copy
tool in cron? I don't see why you'd want to do this in Horde specifically.

You have just lit a lamp *smile*. Since that box is typically empty, I could set
up a cron job that notifies me when the box is not empty (or when inbox size>0).
This brings user 'polling' to an end; 'push' instead of 'pull'.

Many thanks,


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