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Re: [wp-hackers] Ditch RDF and RSS 0.92

David Chait wrote:
For a 2.1 release? If someone has the stats to say what programs and user agents are accessing which major feed types, and that 99% can handle being redirected, that's fine.

For a 2.0.1 release. Bad idea. I've already seen a few things as either suggestions or implementations (at least, I recall) that weren't bugfixes, and should be saved for a next feature/point release -- and this joins the list.

I agree - this shouldn't be part of 2.0.1. We would need to augment our support of RSS2 and especially Atom. I would love to see a full bi-directional Atom API implemented for WP.

Sam Angove wrote:
If that's a real problem, I'd be more inclined to blame it on the API
being too unstable. *Is* it a real problem? The code's better now than
it used to be, and hopefully there'll be less changes needed between
versions now that things are abstracted more. wp-rdf.php (e.g.) was
only changed 8 times in the last year, and not once since September.
It isn't requiring constant attention.

Is it that it doesn't *require* constant attention, or that it's so outdated that nobody cares to pay it any mind? We've now done a major release with WP 2.0, and you're telling me that there was no change to rdf over the last three months? Sounds like neglect to me.

David House wrote:
On 15/01/06, Roy Schestowitz <r@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You must ensure that you do not break people's links. When it comes to
> feeds, people are lazy and careless. They would possible neglect to update
> URL's in their feed reader.

We could redirect both to wp-rss2.php. I'd much rather have two obsolete redirects hanging around than two obsolete files hanging around that have to keep being updated every time we make a relevant API change.

Every client nowadays supports RSS2 and Atom. Redirecting from
RDF/RSS.92 -> RSS2 would be harmless, in all likelihood.

Well, I don't know about that... Speaking as someone who actually uses rdf (a service I use requires it instead of RSS2 for some reason), it would bother me if I couldn't tell that the feed wasn't being served correctly.

For example, if WP redirects rdf to RSS, then I see no errors on my blog server. But if it 404s on a request for the rdf feed when rdf functionality isn't there, then I'm more likely to see it.

Providing plugins that recreate the retired feed types should be academic, since we already have the code available. Retiring the feeds would mean less code to maintain, and that's a good thing.


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