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Re: [man-lug]PTX

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_____/ On Sun 22 Jan 2006 20:50:42 GMT, [John Heaton] wrote : \_____

After Saturday's talk, I had a play around with a few of the more obscure commands/options.

In the good old days, I remember playing around with a document processing system that had a 'KWIC' index. The 'ptx' command gives that kind of output. If you just use the command with a text file as an option the output isn't of much use, but add a few options...

	ptx -ARfw70 Oxford_Book_Of_English_Verse.txt

The document name and line numbers are added to each line and the index is made case-insensitive with the width set to 70 characters (minus the name/line field).

The output index is quite large - several times the size of the original file, which is why KWIC indexes used to skip certain common words like 'and; the; is' etc...


I could not attend Saturday's talk as I'm currently away, but if what you seek to achieve are fancy plain-text outputs, also consider paradj ( http://freshmeat.net/projects/paradj/ ) , which uses TeX libraries for indentation, hyphenation, and justification. I often use this tool to re-format E-mail/newsgroups messages. Also, be aware that LyX ( http://lyx.org ), a front-end to LaTeX, can produce nice-looking plain-text output. TOC's and indices should be included too.

Best wishes,


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