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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

Ian Jackson wrote:
> During my informal conversations with various people it was evident
> that this issue was seen as a political hot potato, and that it wasn't
> clear to everyone who had ultimate responsibility for making a
> decision.
> It seems to me that we have failed to act (or to do so promptly, at
> least) essentially because of the identity and status of the alleged
> violator.  This is not acceptable.
> I can see that it's a difficult situation for the teams responsible,
> and I'm sorry for putting those people on the spot.  And I regret the
> need to follow this up.  But a Code of Conduct is only any use if it
> is enforced, and it is only fair if it is enforced equally on
> everyone.

It seems pretty clear to me that Linus violated the conference CoC.  It
baffles me that one can listen to his repeated abuse of the FSF as
"dishonest", "immoral", "lying", "crazy bigoted people" and ask...
well, what about the substance of his allegations?  

Early on in the talk we're warned that there may be "coarse language".
Well, this is certainly a fairly minor infraction of the CoC, especially
for a Friday night, but it's also a tacit admission that Linus is being
held to a different standard.

About 18 minutes into the talk, Linus states that he thinks only some
people are deserving of respect.  This is a pretty clear warning that he
may violate the CoC, which says all people should be treated with
respect.  It says "all people" should be treated with respect, not "some
people, who in the speaker's subjective opinion are deserving of

Realistically, though, the only thing we can do at this point is simply
not invite Linus to any future Debian events.

Robert Edmonds

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