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Re: Code of Conduct complaint about Linus's comments at DC14

* Robert Edmonds [Wed, Sep 03 2014, 01:13:39PM]:

> > It seems to me that we have failed to act (or to do so promptly, at
> > least) essentially because of the identity and status of the alleged
> > violator.  This is not acceptable.
> > 
> > I can see that it's a difficult situation for the teams responsible,
> > and I'm sorry for putting those people on the spot.  And I regret the
> > need to follow this up.  But a Code of Conduct is only any use if it
> > is enforced, and it is only fair if it is enforced equally on
> > everyone.
> It seems pretty clear to me that Linus violated the conference CoC.  It
> baffles me that one can listen to his repeated abuse of the FSF as
> "dishonest", "immoral", "lying", "crazy bigoted people" and ask...
> well, what about the substance of his allegations?  

Seriosly, I expect Linus to be well prepared for any legal dispute that
might come up as consequence of this statement, and personally I think
he would have used different wording or less details without being able
to deal with it.

> Early on in the talk we're warned that there may be "coarse language".
> Well, this is certainly a fairly minor infraction of the CoC, especially
> for a Friday night, but it's also a tacit admission that Linus is being
> held to a different standard.

It's a guest talk from Linus about work of Linus and not a set of
instructions for Debian people. I think that should be clear to
everyone, and if not then we could edit the video and add some titles
"Guest talk by Linus Torvalds... all statements etc. express the views
and beliefs of the particular speakers... etc."

> About 18 minutes into the talk, Linus states that he thinks only some
> people are deserving of respect.  This is a pretty clear warning that he
> may violate the CoC, which says all people should be treated with
> respect.  It says "all people" should be treated with respect, not "some
> people, who in the speaker's subjective opinion are deserving of
> respect".

Right, this attitude and the resulting level of permanent hostility on
LKML are IMHO not a good example of how to setup a community project.

But, as said, it's Linus opinion and expression of his views, as DD I
don't feel obliged to support it nor do I have the feeling that this
"incident" would put the project in a bad light.

> Realistically, though, the only thing we can do at this point is simply
> not invite Linus to any future Debian events.

That's a it too harsch. I liked the talk because Linus is one of the few
people who are able to point out the flaws of GPLv3 and it's
introduction in public AND survive the critics from GPLv3 lovers.


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