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Re: Want to learn Palm basics

Charles Novins wrote:

> "Roy Schestowitz" <roy-at-schestowitz-dot-com@use-address-before-at.com>
> wrote in message cjnr31$sn5$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk">news:cjnr31$sn5$1@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk...
>> Why don't you use the Palm manual? It explains everything starting from
> the
>> basics. It is also available as a PDF on the Web.
> Right, I've been working with it, but it is average as manuals go.  I also
> have a pet peeve that says any mass consumer product that requires much
> reference to a manual is ipso-facto defective.  The Palm has been less
> "defective" in my definition than most, but it still qualifies.  I've
> spent
> several hours now using the manual, so I'm not amused.  I'm very annoyed,
> for example, by (1) no "back" button, (2) no "delete" button, (3) no
> straightforward card access, as if it were a drive, and many more.

The problem is that authors of such guides are partly programmers. They
simply do not know the perspective of a new user and they probably have no
relevant qualifications or training.

I have always believed that trial-and-error is an excellent way of learning
computers. It must be hands-on experience. That's how I learned Norton
Commander when I was 11 and Windows 3.1 when I was 12. Do not read! Books
are for computer geezers and they lack all the known advantages of IT. This
message is included in that definition because nobody here can show you
real-life use of a PDA.

Experience is key. Palm tutorials are essential, though there is not enough
of them. An annoying thing which you must learn to cope with is that you
continuously find that you made mistakes in the past. One example of many
is that I did not time-tag tasks.

I suggest you find a friend with a Palm handheld and some considerable
experience. Ask him/her to show you how he/she organised himself/herself
(essentially a tour). 10 minutes can save you hours or even days. Trust me.

Roy Schestowitz

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