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Re: extending screen to 2nd monitor

JHEM wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz <> wrote:
>> You were missing my point completely. The question was "can my (TS's)
>> external monitor become primary and my laptop screen secondary?". As
>> far as I know, build-in Window$ capabilities do not give that option.
>> I saw some nice software in the Thinkpads that allows a heck of a lot
>> of stuff to be changed.
> Ok, I simply _hate_ for this to come down to semantics, but I'm going to
> have to ask what YOU mean by primary and secondary?

I may have assumed it was common knowledge. Perhaps I upset Martin too.
Sorry, guys, I really wanted to give my advice and not annoy anybody.

When a dual-head is set up (meaning that the desktop is spread across two
monitors), there is one monitor which is said to be primary. Under Linux,
only the primary monitor will show a picture (before X is started) and
under Window$, both monitors show the same screen until the desktop is
displayed. TS, the person who started this thread, wanted to set his
external monitor to become primary. In my opinion, it's a risky thing to
do. If no external monitor is attached to the laptop, there is not even a
way to revert to the old display settings, hence a deadlock is reached.
That's probably the reason why most systems _force_ built-in screen to be


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