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Re: extending screen to 2nd monitor

Martin wrote:

> "Roy Schestowitz" <> wrote in message
> ck931u$1umu$">news:ck931u$1umu$
>> JHEM wrote:
>> > Roy Schestowitz <> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I know that under Window$ 98 this won't work. With a primary screen
>> >> that is the external monitor, there is only one real output. I am
>> >> doubtful that this would be different under other platforms.
>> >
>> > That simply isn't true. It's completely dependent on whether or not the
>> > laptop's video card supports an extended desktop, e.g. showing
>> > differing windows on separate displays, as well as on the OS.
>> >
>> > There are many models of Thinkpads (as well as other laptops) that can
>> > natively extend the desktop under W98. Support for this feature was
>> > dropped under W2K and then reinstated under XP, go figure.
>> >
>> > I gave presentations for years with my venerable Thinkpad 600E with my
>> > notes on the laptop's display and my Powerpoint presentation on my
>> > external projector under W98 with no problems.
>> You were missing my point completely. The question was "can my (TS's)
>> external monitor become primary and my laptop screen secondary?". As far
> as
>> I know, build-in Window$ capabilities do not give that option. I saw some
>> nice software in the Thinkpads that allows a heck of a lot of stuff to be
>> changed.
>> --
>> Roy Schestowitz
> People are confused because no one can work out what you are on about.
> What EXACTLY do you want to be able to do? You keep babbling on about
> primary & secondary monitors, but for what purpose? The answer that was
> previously given was very good and explains how running a dual display
> works. But the problem is with your inability to state what the hell you
> are on about.

The original question was "... The primary screen always seems to be the
laptop screen. Is there any way of making the external (17" LCD) screen the
primart and  the laptop screen the secondary?".

It was not my question and I was trying to say that as far as I know, it is
not possible. Some laptops come with software that make it possible though.


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