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Re: Scaling IMG

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Mark Parnell wrote:

Previously in alt.html, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>

I have been been searching the Web, trying to find a way of resizing
images while retaining the original aspect ratio.

Even a basic image editing program should be able to handle that.

Although it is not a perfect analogy, it is similar to saying "I can make this Web page in Word and it looks okay on my computer". I want to use the powers of HTML/CSS rather than editing images.

I know I can use 'height' and
'width', but finding out the necessary values for many images is

Yes, but resizing images in HTML is a bad idea anyway. Use a proper image editor.

But that's done off-line. What if I want to have one image displayed in two
different forms (sizes) without duplicating? Also, resizing in the usual
way involves no smoothing.


If you want to have two different sized images, use the smaller one to link to another page that contains the larger one. Use text to explain that clicking the image will load a larger file. That way anyone who doesn't want to waste the bandwidth doesn't end up downloading the larger one.

Or use text links that point to each one. Then the person viewing the page can choose which to see.

Maybe provide a much smaller thumbnail on the first page with the two links below them as below:
| |
| |
| |
| |
Link to small image
Link to large image


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