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Re: Webspace needed

Stephen P. wrote:

> Has anyone got any recommendations?
> I currently at the limit with my free 20mb with Demon and need to move at
> least one of my sites onto a new server.
> My requirements are;
> 1.FTP access (via my Demon broadband - not having to dial a different
> number or anything)
> 2.Quick
> 3.Reliable
> 4.Financially stable company
> 5.100mb. Don't need that yet, but planning ahead.
> 6.No popups
> I don't need MySQL or Front Page extensions or anything complex like that.
> Although I can think of a couple of things that MySql might be useful for
> in the future.
> I have various domains registered, and would just need to point these to
> separate sub-directories with the new provider, I use framed web
> forwarding (aka ghosting), and am happy with that.
> I'm happy to pay for it providing it's not silly money, few quid a month
> would be Ok. Happy probably isn't the right word, prepared / resigned
> would be more accurate!.
> Obviously I can find loads via google - but I'm looking for personal
> recommendations from people who actually used the provider in question.
> Anyone use http://www.reg-123.co.uk/ ? I have some of my domains
> registered with them, so would make sense.
> TIA.

I have been with Catalyst2 for a year and they are excellent in every way.
What's more, it would only cost you one pound a month given your needs


Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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