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Re: Running Firefox as default browser in KDE 3.2

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Syd Hancock wrote:
>> Doug Laidlaw wrote:
>>> Syd Hancock wrote:
>>>> Doug Laidlaw wrote:
>>>>> With Firefox set as my default browser, KDE tries to save Web
>>>>> pages to my tmp/ directory and open them from there.  This is
>>>>> rarely successful.
>>>> It's a pain. I was really please a while back when I was told
>>>> how to set this default correctly.
>>>> 1. Go to Kmenu->System->Configuration->KDE->Components-> File
>>>> Associations
>>>> 2. Click on the + beside 'text' to expand, select 'html'
>>>> 3. In 'Application Preference Order' select Firefox (or
>>>> whatever) and use the buttons to move to the top of the list.
>>>> This is now the default app.
>>>> 4. Click on 'Edit' button then choose the 'Application' tab.
>>>> On the command line for the app add ' %u' without quotes
>>>> e.g. /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox %u
>>>> 5. Click 'Advanced Options' button and deselect 'Enable Launch
>>>> Feedback'
>>>> 6. Click OK three times to close the three windows that you
>>>> have opened.
>>>> I find that this has to be redone each time updates for KDE
>>>> are installed but once you know it it is a matter of seconds
>>>> to flip through the screens.
>>>> HTH
>>>> Syd
>>>> Norwich UK
>>> Thanks Syd.  While Roy's solution would enable me to launch
>>> Firefox from particular applications, I doubt whether it would
>>> cure the saving to /tmp/. The obvious thing is to apply both.
>>> Doug.
>> You're welcome. Deselecting the 'Launch Feedback' definitely
>> makes the whole thing function more smoothly. Other than that
>> Roy and I are basically suggesting the same thing although I
>> haven't  needed to set defaults for Kmail or Knode separately
>> once Firefox is set as a KDE default - this may vary according
>> to the version of KDE as I notice Roy mentioned an earlier
>> version. Anyway, try it all out and see what works for you.
> Yes, in my rusty version of KDE the browser binary gets input separately
> in each application. In fact, under all major Internet applications that I
> use (formerly KMail, KNode and RSSOwl), the extrenal browser needs it path
> specified. There is looser integration, that's all.
> Roy
What Ireally want is to open pages directly in the browser, rather than save
them to /tmp first.  From there, links don't work.  I may even reinstall
Mozilla and accept the security risk.

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