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Re: Linux is a no go at my school as well.

___/ On Friday 26 August 2005 00:46, [Hymen Legree] wrote : \___

> I have used Linux but I prefer windows because it is more universally
> accepted and I find that things just work. I tried using Linux on my
> dorm system last year by dual booting and it just didn't work out. We
> were using Pimsleur in my French class and none of the CD would work
> with Linux. The library online programs used Active-X for
> authentication and would not work with Linux. That's just the way it
> turned out and I have enough work to do without having to maintain 2
> operating systems, one of which :Linux: is effectively useless in my
> college setting. I've read several threads about this and it seems to
> me that Linux users are not only out of touch with the rest of us peon
> users, but they are very bitter as well. Let the personal attacks
> begin.
> In fact, I'll save you the time:
> Pick another school.

No, but speak to them about the issue.

> I wouldn't go to a school that required "Winblows"


> You must be an idiot if you can't make Linux work.
> It's not Linux it's you.
> Your spelling/grammar is terrible.
> You work for Microsoft.
> You are a paid troll.
> You are not even in school.
> You live at home with your mother.

No to the above, but it comes to show your disposition. If you are bitter
and if you portray Linux users as intolerant, no wonder you gave up.

> Linux runs the internet.
> The top 10 super computers run Linux (do they fit on a desktop?)
> and so forth.

As I always say, the problem is not Linux. It is Microsoft and client who
knowingly or unknowingly obey the Microsoft agenda, which is to spread more
and more protocols that cripple the competition. Active X and the IT staff
who chose it are your culprits here. It wouldn't have happened here in


Roy S. Schestowitz        "The speed of time is one second per second"

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