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Re: Linux FTP Clients

_____/ On Friday 26 August 2005 05:07, [Blinky the Shark] wrote : \_____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I recommend KDE and Konqueror if you were ever to consider Linux? You can
>> edit the files over FTP as if they were placed locally. KDE does all the
>> copying over FTP in the background.
> Hmmm.  I would've never thought to use a browser.
> I used to use gFTP, and used kbear for a while, but found it buggy.

I use gFTP because it's multi-threaded. It is relatively reliable too,
running on Fedora Core II. I haven't used KBear, but I have it installed.
As soon as I post this message, I'll go and give it a go.

> Then when I checked out the Firefox FireFTP extension, I liked it and
> have been using it ever since.

That FireFTP extension is getting my site about 500 visitors a month (I
wrote about it when it came out). It is rather buggy though. I use it only
at home when I make my bi-weekly backup of new photos. I just need to open
a new tab and toss it in some Webspace. Very efficient...

> Wait!  I said I'd never have thought about using a browser...
> Well, I'm not *exactly* using a browser.   ;)
> Datapoint: Mandrake/KDE here.

Try KDE. You can't beat drag-and-drop that's also multi-threaded. I think my
version of KDE (3.1) does not support secure FTP authentication though, so
I can't use KDE alone. That's why I sometimes use gFTP.

>> I do the same thing with KDE's thumbnail gallery generator.
> Hey, what's that called?

Open a location in File Management mode, Top menu -> Tools -> Create Image

With some enhancements, you can produce some beautiful pages, handling
thousands of pictures with just the command-line.

One among many...


All generated by the Übergreat KDE.


Roy S. Schestowitz        Y |-(1^2)|^(1/2)+1 K

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