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Re: KBear Problems

_____/ On Friday 26 August 2005 08:55, [Blinky the Shark] wrote : \_____

> It really pissed me off.  The bugs were just frustrating.  The
> Full-Strength Over-The-Top-Deal Killer was that some kind of site
> management utility would pop up in my kicker bar and WOULD NOT DIE.  I'd
> kill the process and it'd start right back up.  It was The Util From
> Hell.  Believe it or not, even after I uninstalled kBear, I think that
> util's bin was still there and I had to track the little bastard down
> and remove it by hand.  Grrrrr!

You have sharp teeth. I'm sure you managed.

I tried it a couple of hours ago for the first time. I feel your pain.
Hopefully it does not consume much space. It sure was time-consuming.

The conclusion: never download programs that are called after an animal,
e.g. eMule, KBear, BonzyBuddy (if that counts as an animal)...

...with the exception of the Firefox suite...

>>> Then when I checked out the Firefox FireFTP extension, I liked it and
>>> have been using it ever since.
>> That FireFTP extension is getting my site about 500 visitors a month
>> (I wrote about it when it came out). It is rather buggy though. I use
>> it only at home when I make my bi-weekly backup of new photos. I just
>> need to open a new tab and toss it in some Webspace. Very efficient...
> The only thing I've seen with the version I have <clickety> (0.88.3) is
> that once in a while I'll come back to it after not using it for a long
> time, and it will still show as connected when it's really not.  That
> just requires me to click Disconnect before hitting Connect, so it's
> not really even an aggravation for me.

I only use it to upload one file at a time (a compressed archive). It has
bad handling of recursive operations and it doesn't seem to be maintained
anymore. I could be wrong...

>>> Wait!  I said I'd never have thought about using a browser...
>>> Well, I'm not *exactly* using a browser.   ;)
>>> Datapoint: Mandrake/KDE here.
>> Try KDE. You can't beat drag-and-drop that's also multi-threaded. I
> Try it?  I've used it every day for three years.  :)

As an FTP client, that is. Maybe I misunderstood you.

>> think my version of KDE (3.1) does not support secure FTP
>> authentication though, so I can't use KDE alone. That's why I
>> sometimes use gFTP.
>>>> I do the same thing with KDE's thumbnail gallery generator.
>>> Hey, what's that called?
>> Open a location in File Management mode, Top menu -> Tools -> Create
>> Image gallery.
> No such animal.  KDE 3.1.3 / Konq 3.1.4.

Odd... I am fairly sure it's still alive in 3.4. Even with the same default
settings and colours...

>> With some enhancements, you can produce some beautiful pages, handling
>> thousands of pictures with just the command-line.
>> One among many...
>> All generated by the Übergreat KDE.
> I must have a crippled trial copy.  ;)

have you got Pixie Plus (if not, download it). File -> Make Web Image
Gallery. Lots of widgets to play with in there... never practically used it
though because I discovered the former tool first.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Signature pending approval"

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