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Re: Tabs, Portal and Mail

__/ On Friday 26 August 2005 21:28, [Els] wrote : \__

[tabbing between tabs]

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Well, I ususally only switch between two, max 3 at one time - so
>>> the brain power is saved by not having to deal with the 20-odd
>>> other tabs that are open at the same time :-)
>> Do you not suffer from that spatial clutter? I bet you cannot read
>> the tab titles, not even with a high-resolution dual-head.
> Only in Opera I have so many open at the same time. Basically cause
> it opens every link from Usenet in a new tab.

I ended up with the same setup some months ago, particularly for opening
from feeds. I kept 'losing' tabs if links were opened in the tab currently
in focus. I am more afraid about losing track of 'impending Web pages' to
skimp than I am of having many tabs open.

> Occasionally it happens
> that I want to check a page again, after opening four more, but
> holding down the CTRL key after one 'CTRL-tab' gives me a vertical
> list of all the open pages, so it's easy to find it back.

I still think that vertical tabs may (if not should) become an option, even
a hidden one. Did you know about the 'search as you begin typing'
accessibility feature? I use it all the time, especially in my portal. I
can type the first 2 or 3 letters of a link, which then sets in in focus
(yes, it does that!), so ENTER follows the link. It is useful once the
portal gets gigantic; you only need press 3 keys to get to each
destination. CTRL+T->ALT+Home to return to the portal in new tab. This had
me lose the hype for mouse gestures.

Excuse my freaky browsing obsessions... I hope I don't give the wrong
impression. Honestly.

>> Firefox doesn't allow for vertical alignment of tabs, yet. Must be
>> like hell working on your browser...
>> CTRL+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W+W, which luckily in
>> Firefox requires 2 persistent keystrokes (Linux at the least).
> I never use CTRL+W :-)
> In Firefox I like the fact that the cross for closing a tab is not on
> the tab itself, but to the right.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. RSSOwl makes that mistake.

> The usual amount of tabs open in
> Firefox for me is about 6 to 10. And usually pages I'm accustomed to,
> I recognize the favicons if I can't read the titles.

It becomes problematic if sites are broad or when you visit foreign sites.

>>>> In practice, I only navigate using the digits for tabs 1 to 3,
>>>> maybe 4. That's where I usually have fundamental stuff like my
>>>> portal and a CMS.
>>> Big difference - only using 1 to 4 tabs, yes, easy to remember
>>> which tab number you need.
>> It's usually quite consistent too, which serves as a mnemonic. When
>> I come to think of it, it is reminiscent of my placement of
>> applications on the display. XMMS between screen 1 and 2, desktop
>> junk on the left, browser on the right screen (which has better
>> definition) and the rest is tossed at the left.
> Two screens... I can only wish :\ ;-) I have a sidebar on my desktop,
> and use alt-tab (with some XP power tool) between progs. Dialog and
> OE are always full screen, Opera on about 1000x950, and Firefox on
> whichever size I'm checking pages in. Apache minimized, chatwindows
> about 500x900, Textpad and Ace-FTP almost fullscreen.

You know exactly what you like. *smile*

[personal portal]

>> At risk of crossing the line onto self-promotion, many things I
>> learned from experience are here <
>> http://www.schestowitz.com/Portal/ >.
> That looks very interesting. Especially the way you grouped the
> links. I'll be sure to have another look at it when I revise my own.
> Thanks :-)
>> Hmmmm... if only I could find shareware beer...
> Isn't that what you have when you're playing quarters?
>>> (and I was asking for it - using OE! <g>)
>> I am just as guilty as you are. I have just set up a professor with
>> OE. I told him that he should use Thunderbird, but sitting here at
>> the office downloading and installing it would have been bad use of
>> my time. *grin*
>> ...at least I told him it was cr*p... same about Windows...
> You did good. <g>

Good for me, or good for him? *grin* And don't get this reversed, what I did
was good (easier) for me, but bad for him. Some would be inclined to think
that I am a UNIX crusader because I converted quite a few... but moving
someone to a free O/S is enlightment, not a conversion. 


>>> Anything I
>>> need archived goes in subfolders, which I occasionally store
>>> elsewhere on the HD, or on CD.
>> CD's are hard to mirror,
> What do you mean by that?

Making a back-up of the back-up. See below.

>> so I keep everything on a single physical
>> hard-drive. My obsession with archives sometimes scares me.
> With such an obsession for archives, I'd be scared of a crashing
> hard-drive.

No, au contraire (pardon my French). I am prepared to lose a hard-drive any
day. Last time I backed up this entire hard-drive was... about 12 hours
ago. A cron job put all changes since then on the SAN a few hours ago. A
cron job takes care of it.

>>>> I chose to export it to HTML using a Ruby script.
>>> Is that easy to do? My mails are in flat text, but there are HTML
>>> attachments and pics and sound files and stuff. How is that all
>>> stored then?
>> It outputs rich HTML. Then again, by importing OE to Thunderbird,
>> which is a non-lossy conversion, you get MBOX archives, which
>> MHonArc, for instance, handles gracefully.
> Okay, thanks.
>> As time goes by, I am beginning to lean towards Web-based because I back
>> my webspace up very frequently, it backs 'itself' up and it keeps mail
>> away from me. I remember the days when I woke up looking forward to mail
>> in my box. I am the complete opposite now.
> I still like getting mail. Get disappointed about 20 times a day, but
> that's okay ;-)

I like 'passive' mail. With all the mailing lists and spam, I still get
plenty to read, but I usually just read some subject lines. Newsgroups are
the exception.

>>> I hate Thunderbird's 'extra line' bug. (extra empty line between
>>> different quoted bits)
>> I never noticed that one. Perhaps it got fixed?
> Doubt it.
> Some time ago someone said it was fixed, so I downloaded the latest
> version. It wasn't.
>>>> Good luck with SuSE. I tried many distros, but SuSE (which I use most
>>>> of the time) is king.
>>> Queen ;-)
>> *LOL*
>> http://www.schestowitz.com/IMG/roysuse.gif
> I never saw that one, but it proves I'm right :-)
> (well, unless I have the wrong impression of you <g>)

I bought a new Linux box about 2-3 hours ago... sister will take my old
laptop. SuSE would be insulted because it's a Mandrake box that I bought.

With 3 Linux boxes (home, work, university) I can now have my triple backup.
Can't beat that! *smile*


Roy S. Schestowitz        Useless fact: 111111 X 111111 = 12345654321

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