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Re: Dabs Linux Box

__/ On Friday 12 August 2005 15:04, [ac] wrote : \__

> ac wrote:
>> I have just noticed that Dabs are selling a mandrake 9.2 box for 140 uk
>> pounds ext vat (no monitor). Very basic spec, but useful if it gets a
>> bit of publicity. It is th efrst time I hav eseen thenm sell a linux pc
>> - is it a first for them?
>> www.dabs.co.uk
>> quicklinx 3QV3WS
> As fate had it, I have been faced with an immediate need for a new PC -
> so - I bought one of these(!)
> Quick and easy and a lot simpler in my timescale than replacing a
> mainboard and CPU etc.
> Dabs.co.uk online order - 9.30 am Thursday - delivered 8am following day
> (today)!
> Summary - am very pleased with it, seems to work well, still testing
> etc. See details of my observations below.


Thanks for posting about your experience. I was in need for a new machine
myself so I have ordered the box and accumulated all of your comments in a
text file, which I am sure to use later. My sister will inherit the
almost-6-year-old laptop...


Is there any way of getting Mandriva on this machine without CD burning
facilities? If not, will Ubuntu Warty Warthog be considered an upgrade from
Mandrake 9.2? I have the Ubuntu CD at home and I don't mind GNOME. All I
need this machine for is SSH to other (SuSE 8.2) boxes. I also will use it
to browser while I dine and listen to music (XMMS and Firefox).
Applications will /not/ run locally so this is not a concern. I don't need
bloat. Will Mandrake 9.2 just be fine? Ubuntu? Latest Mandriva? SuSE 10
beta 3?


PS - I see the potential for this message turning into a wee distro
argument, but as I said I do not look for the /best/ distro overall. I just
need reliability and some very, very basic things. Everything else will be
done remotely.

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