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Re: Available news readers

__/ On Sunday 28 August 2005 19:48, [Stan Goodman] wrote : \__

> I have been examining a number of offline newsreaders for my newly
> installed SUSE v9.3. So far, I don't really like any of them. The best
> to date seems to be Pan, which has most of the characteristics I seek.
> The two important ones that it lacks are an adequate user guide or
> help system (amazing for a program this complex) and a group
> preference facility (it has a very rudimentary one). There are many
> other newsreaders mentioned on sites that carry lists of Linux apps;
> most of these are abandoned, usually in early stages of development. I
> would really like to have something I can use.
> I would be very grateful for any suggestions for a news client that
> has been developed to the point of actual usability, that will support
> multiple servers, that will allow me to set up e.g. different
> signatures for different groups, and that has a help system or user
> guide adequate to show the user how to exploit its non-intuitive
> features, I would be very grateful.

While I am not entirely certain about help and tutorials, KNode (should be
included in your SuSE installation: Launcher -> Internet -> Communication)
does everything you mention above to a greater or lesser extent. I believe
that the KDE site, being well-maintained in comparison to most, will
include a KNode 'crash course'. I still believe trial-and-error is often
the best way of learning and getting better-orientated. I am sure you are
well beyond the level of top-posting, so you'll get along just fine,
learning one feature at the time.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "World ends in five minutes - please log out"

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