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Re: SuSE News Reader

__/ [SINNER] on Monday 29 August 2005 05:40 \__

> * Roy Schestowitz wrote in comp.os.linux.misc:
>> __/ On Sunday 28 August 2005 19:48, [Stan Goodman] wrote : \__
>>> I have been examining a number of offline newsreaders for my newly
>>> installed SUSE v9.3. So far, I don't really like any of them. The best
>>> to date seems to be Pan, which has most of the characteristics I seek.
>>> The two important ones that it lacks are an adequate user guide or
>>> help system (amazing for a program this complex) and a group
>>> preference facility (it has a very rudimentary one). There are many
>>> other newsreaders mentioned on sites that carry lists of Linux apps;
>>> most of these are abandoned, usually in early stages of development. I
>>> would really like to have something I can use.
>>> I would be very grateful for any suggestions for a news client that
>>> has been developed to the point of actual usability, that will support
>>> multiple servers, that will allow me to set up e.g. different
>>> signatures for different groups, and that has a help system or user
>>> guide adequate to show the user how to exploit its non-intuitive
>>> features, I would be very grateful.
>> While I am not entirely certain about help and tutorials, KNode (should
>> be included in your SuSE installation: Launcher -> Internet ->
>> Communication) does everything you mention above to a greater or lesser
>> extent.
> No multi part binaries, which after this amount of time is rather silly.
> Ther are MUCH better readers out there.

I know and I truly appreciate you reminding me, yet I do not know many other
readers (I used Mozilla, Netscape and OE in the past). I considered Pan at
times, but have developed some dependencies upon KNode over time. It is not
just keyboard accelerators and other habits, but also some scripts that
rely on the location, formats and settings in KNode. I deem to be stuck
with KNode for quite some time.

To the OP I will say: take my recommendation with a grain of salt. Pan might
be worth the investment (time, not monetary).


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