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Re: How often did Googlebot come

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 07:00 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> __/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 01:51 \__
>>>> And what did it do?
>>>> http://johnbokma.com/perl/googlebot-statistics.html
>>>> Beta Perl script. It might blow up your computer, or transfer all
>>>> your IBLs to my site (and your PageRank), both, or just work and
>>>> make you happy
>>>> :-D.
>>> Nice! A new little script to play with. I am happy to see that you
>>> chose CSV
>> well, technically TSV :-D, but Calc is happy to import it :-D.
>>> and even mentioned Calc rather than Excel.
>> Yup, I have only a Spanish version of Excel floating around, or a 95
>> (!) version, so I didn't bother to try that.
>> I try to stick with OpenOffice.org, and hope it gets better.
>>> Both are bloated
>>> applications so I tend to use KSpread for CSV format.
>> Still "stuck" with Windows XP. Bought this week Xara Xtreme :-D
>> (Couldn't wait for the OS port, which probably will take a year: I
>> always said that MSN Messenger and Xara kept me from Linux, so who
>> knows). 
> All of that stuff exists for Linux

exists: you mean there is something similar. However, that doesn't mean 
it comes even close.

> and is free. The programs have
> different names though, which needs accustoming. Examples:
> iTunes -> AmaroK
> MSN -> Gaim, aMSN and many more

None can do a video chat (although I understand there is an attempt to 
integrate something like that with Gaim, as with a lot of OS 
development: early alpha, maybe will never be finished). Also other 
stuff is not supported (I doubt winks are supported). Not that I need 
all of those, but Gaim is just not MSN Messenger. Gaim can be best 
compared with Trillian.

> Xara -> Blender,

No, Blender is not a replacement for Xara :-D

> Inkscape,

Have looked at Inkscape: another typical OS project: has 1001 features 
people rarely use, but lacks the things mortals needs. There is no way 
you can compare this with Xara, sorry.


Xara has an image editor, but I think GIMP can do more. GIMP probably 
lacks a lot of the vector capabilities of Xara.

There *is* a reason Xara is going to be ported to Linux and the Mac. A 
few years earlier it might have been close to a killer app.

> Maya -> POVRay

Ha ha ha, you must be joking my dear. Blender does probably more what 
Maya does, but you can't compare those two.

> XNews -> Pan, KNode, etc.
> ...
>>> By the way, in case you ever want to extend this by making it
>>> Web-based (or have it contained in a front-end),
>> If people are interested in it, I can look into HTML output. One
>> could run it in cron :-D.
> There  must  be (a) simple converter(s) already. The most common terms
>  to try  produce  a few good results, which I haven't bothered to
> follow  yet. Try  csv2html  or csv2html or tsv2htm. They will probably
> lead  to  source code  and  a few executable because they should be
> rather simple (maybe  a single C function).

It's not that hard to create a HTML table ;-) Most work will probably go 
into the CSS to make it look good.

>>> have a look at:
>>> http://www.scheinwelt.at/~norbertf/devel/websheet/
>>> I have been happily using it for a couple of months.
>> Looks nice, thanks.
> __/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 07:06 \__
>> Hmmm, with AJAX it could look even better :-D.
> AJAX  spreadsheet frameworks do exist (I can chase the link for you).
> That is  true  for pretty much everything that exists in office modern
>  suites, but publicity is a barrier. The issue is that these
> 'components' are scat- tered  and  there's plenty of them, which are
> of course commercial.  Being Web  services, there is the issue of
> bandwidth and bleeding-edge  develop- ment,  I  guess.

Yup, and with a lot of Open Source, or related projects: we started 
something... but we couldn't finish. I always get sad when I see that 
people prefer to reinvent the wheel (there are often 20 similar 
projects), and after a year give up (so 21 unfinished projects).

> Google, Yahoo
> and MSN engineers are treading strong  with that  newly-supported 
> functionality.  Not the  typical  out-of-work  Open Source developer's
> leisure-time occupation... 

AJAX is dead simple, and nothing new. I mean, browsers did for years 
exactly what you can do with AJAX: loading a bit of data asynchronously. 
Before it was possible from JavaScript directly, a common trick was to 
make a frame with zero height, refresh that one (it's more or less 
hidden), and the new data contains JavaScript that updates another 

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