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Re: How often did Googlebot come

__/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 07:00 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 01:51 \__
>>> And what did it do?
>>> http://johnbokma.com/perl/googlebot-statistics.html
>>> Beta Perl script. It might blow up your computer, or transfer all
>>> your IBLs to my site (and your PageRank), both, or just work and make
>>> you happy
>>> :-D.
>> Nice! A new little script to play with. I am happy to see that you
>> chose CSV
> well, technically TSV :-D, but Calc is happy to import it :-D.
>> and even mentioned Calc rather than Excel.
> Yup, I have only a Spanish version of Excel floating around, or a 95 (!)
> version, so I didn't bother to try that.
> I try to stick with OpenOffice.org, and hope it gets better.
>> Both are bloated
>> applications so I tend to use KSpread for CSV format.
> Still "stuck" with Windows XP. Bought this week Xara Xtreme :-D (Couldn't
> wait for the OS port, which probably will take a year: I always said that
> MSN Messenger and Xara kept me from Linux, so who knows).

All of that stuff exists for Linux and is free. The programs have different
names though, which needs accustoming. Examples:

iTunes -> AmaroK
MSN -> Gaim, aMSN and many more
Xara -> Blender, Inkscape, GIMP
Maya -> POVRay
XNews -> Pan, KNode, etc.

>> By the way, in case you ever want to extend this by making it
>> Web-based (or have it contained in a front-end),
> If people are interested in it, I can look into HTML output. One could run
> it in cron :-D.

There  must  be (a) simple converter(s) already. The most common terms  to
try  produce  a few good results, which I haven't bothered to follow  yet.
Try  csv2html  or csv2html or tsv2htm. They will probably lead  to  source
code  and  a few executable because they should be rather simple (maybe  a
single C function).

>> have a look at:
>> http://www.scheinwelt.at/~norbertf/devel/websheet/
>> I have been happily using it for a couple of months.
> Looks nice, thanks.

__/ [John Bokma] on Sunday 04 December 2005 07:06 \__

> Hmmm, with AJAX it could look even better :-D.

AJAX  spreadsheet frameworks do exist (I can chase the link for you). That
is  true  for pretty much everything that exists in office modern  suites,
but publicity is a barrier. The issue is that these 'components' are scat-
tered  and  there's plenty of them, which are of course commercial.  Being
Web  services, there is the issue of bandwidth and bleeding-edge  develop-
ment,  I  guess. Google, Yahoo and MSN engineers are treading strong  with
that  newly-supported  functionality.  Not the  typical  out-of-work  Open
Source developer's leisure-time occupation...


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