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Re: Can't Defrage XP - Any Ideas?

r.e.ballard@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I have observed similar behavior with Windows XP.  It appears that
> there are two "Green" segments which cannot be moved.  One at the very
> low portion of the hard drive, on at the very high portion of the hard
> drive.
Damn, that's insidious!  Just one more reason for me to drag my
feet on buying a copy of XP.  As a consultant, I try to keep an 
installed copy of every major OS on hand.  So far, all of my clients
are sticking with Windows 2000, so I have not felt the need to
upgrade, but I know that day is coming (though at this point
maybe most places will skip XP and go to Vista).

> Just one more reason why it's better to load XP as a Client to Linux,
> so that Windows doesn't grab all the hard drive, memory, and CPU cycles
> and starve any Linux clients to death.

Yes.  I do have a stand-alone Win2000 system, but I actually do
most of my Windows work from within a VMWare session on my Linux
system.   This can lead to some interesting possibilities.  For

While working at one client, I had a call from another client that
I sometimes do telecommuting work for.  They needed me to make an
emergancy tweak to something, but the only way I can access their
network is through a VPN session configured on my home system.
I ended doing the following.

- Used VNC to access the desktop of my home Linux system.
- Fired up Win2000 under a VMWare session.
- Started the VPN session to my client's network (they had provided
  only Windows software).
- Within Windows 2000, opened up another VNC session to the
  Linux box on my customer's network.
- Made the change and logged out.

The funny thing is, there is a Linux client for their VPN solution,
but their helpdesk does not support it (despite the fact that this
company sells a Linux based product and has numerous developer with
Linux workstations).


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