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Re: Desktop Preferences

__/ [MykeC] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 06:29 \__

> Hello,
> After recently having switched from Mozilla to Firefox/Thunderbird, I
> have discovered that Firefox automatically opens Evolution whenever I
> want to "Send Link" to a friend.  I don't use Evolution very often and
> would prefer to set Thunderbird as my default email client.  But where
> do I go to change that setting?  Well, when I click on the little
> life-preserver icon I discover that I can set my Desktop Preferences
> thusly:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 9.1  Starting a Preference ToolYou can start the preference tools in the
> following ways:Choose Applications ? Desktop Preferences. Choose the
> tool that you require from the submenus. Double-click on the Start Here
> object on the desktop. A Nautilus window opens at the Start Here
> location. Double-click on the Preferences object in the Nautilus window
> to display your preference tools. Double-click on the tool that you
> require.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Only problem is... "Applications ? Desktop Preferences" doesn't exist in
> my menu.
> Where is it?
> Myke

Thunderbird-Firefox is quite a common issue/question. The key point to raise:

# Open Firefox and enter the page about:config
# Look under "network.protocol-handler.app.mailto" if it exists...

I wrote about it once I got it working...



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