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Re: Page Rank Zero

__/ [oakleafautos@xxxxxxx] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 10:49 \__

> A familar theme!
> Our site www.oakleaf.net has page rank of zero at the momement. We have
> check and as far as we can see everything included in the site is
> within the google guide lines. There are plenty of links etc and
> comparative to other Left Hand Drive Car dealers websites pr 4  our
> contents keywords etc seems to be on par at least.
> We have no clever add on's, back pages redirects etc  and have had
> google confirm we are not being penalised our blocked?
> So if anybody could shed some light I would be most grateful.
> Thanks
> db

I  can  only spot 3 links to your front page. I suppose I could check  the
count on Yahoo, but that might not reflect too well on Google PageRank. Be
aware  that not all links get listed, but only selected few. Links are the
key  to strong PageRank. I notice that you have some decent traffic, so  I
am  sure  that the PageRank is not justifiable. I notice that you have  17
pages indexed (in Google cache). How many do you have in total? What's the
number of Google referrals like? The site is old enough (domain registered
in  1997),  so I assume that PageRank updates should have passed  by  many
times already.

Hope it helps,


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