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Re: Re-indexing of an urgently removed URL

__/ [iain@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 10:53 \__

> Recently we had to urgently pull our URL from Google's listings.
> The method that we used to pull our site was by placing the following
> robots.txt file on our server...
> User-agent: *
> Disallow: /
> ...and then submitting our URL at the following page:
> http://services.google.com:8882/urlconsole/controller?cmd=robots

They promise a 5-day reaction period. I have been waiting for 3 weeks and
still waiting. I requested the removal of tens of thousand of pages to no
avail, which is frustrating.

> It was stated that there would be a compulsory 'stand down' period of
> 180 days. Does anybody know if there is any way that we can bypass this
> stand down period?
> In order to get our URL reindexed I have already submitted our URL
> through the following page:
> http://www.google.co.uk/addurl/?hl=en&continue=/addurl

These are said to be pointless, a waste of time. Some would say it's there
serve as legacy.

> Is there any other way we can get our URL re-indexed? Any feedback you
> can provide on this matter would be much appreciated....

Try to encourage crawling using links to the page. Also try changing your
robots.txt and inform the SE about the changes, thus urging change. Google
XML Sitemaps come to mind.


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