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Re: Traffic Reduction?

__/ [Bob Kochem] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 12:28 \__

> Has anyone noticed a general reduction in net traffic the last six months
> or so? Maybe it's just my market segment (business products - project
> management software)
> - If I use the Yahoo/Overture keyword tool, it seems that the monthly
> searches for all my keywords have been steadily decreasing
> - I seem to be paying more for clicks on Adwords, to keep the same position
> and getting the same CTR, but the number of impressions and consequently
> clicks is down.
> - Visitors to my website seems to be down some although my SERPs are the
> same.
> The llion's share of my business is from the US so maybe Katrina had
> something to do with it.
> Is there some website that provides a measure of overall web traffic?
> Thanks,
> Bob Kochem
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Overall  Web  traffic is on the rise as more people get connected and  the
available bandwidth worldwide increases owing to infrastructure. There are
software  tools  (commercial) that can tell you something about volume  of
queries for an individual search term. You may find these useful, but per-
haps utterly unnecessary.

A  solution  you might want to embrace otherwise are  inaccurate  measures
like  Alexa  ranks.  You can see history of site ranks  (i.e.  approximate
traffic) to see if you /competition/ in particular has suffered from simi-
lar downward trend.

here are some good starting points for you:



Best wishes,


PS  -  ignore  the numbers altogether as they are almost  meaningless  and
scale badly. Look at the fluctuation and the /trends/ instead.

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