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Re: Got tuna?

Mike Turco wrote:

> I made tuna a pretty big part of my diet. Its fairly low cal, high in
> protein, blah blah. The other day I caught something in the news about
> kids being born with merc. poisoning because the mothers eat too much
> fish. I eat like ten cans a week of the stuff myself, and the issue's been
> on my mind.
> So, I did a little searching and came up with a couple of links that,
> basically, tell me that I am poisoning myself with mercury.
> http://www.pbs.org/now/science/mercuryinfish.html
> http://www.gotmercury.org/
> I'm kind of at a loss here for what to do. Eat chicken breast instead? No,
> wait, that's got pheromones. Hormones. I meant hormones. Then there's BSE
> in the beef, and pork, hell, even the Bible tells you not to eat that!
> So, then, seriously, I suppose this mercury poisoning is a serious thing
> and I ought to cut down on tuna to, say... two cans a week?
> Nope! One can. According to the gotmercury link two cans a week is
> overdoing it for a 260 pound man!)
> Speaking of depression (in the other thread and on another topic), are
> there foods that are supposed to be good or bad for it?

I eat far more tuna than you do (better not say how much...) and have done
so for years. Nothing has gone wrong with me, I think. *wink*

All foods are bad for you. You need your nutrition, but it comes with a
cost. What cost would you rather avoid? Cholesterol? Fat? Potential for

If mercury truly took over my body, I'd disintegrate in the MR scanner. I
volunteered for two scans in the past year and I had a blood test. I only
got compliments for my results.

Roy Schestowitz

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    • Got tuna?
      • From: "Mike Turco" <miketurco@yahoo-no-spam-4-me.com>
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