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Re: Got tuna?

"Mike Turco" <miketurco@yahoo-no-spam-4-me.com> wrote in message
> I made tuna a pretty big part of my diet. Its fairly low cal, high in
> protein, blah blah. The other day I caught something in the news about
> being born with merc. poisoning because the mothers eat too much fish. I
> like ten cans a week of the stuff myself, and the issue's been on my mind.
> So, I did a little searching and came up with a couple of links that,
> basically, tell me that I am poisoning myself with mercury.
> http://www.pbs.org/now/science/mercuryinfish.html
> http://www.gotmercury.org/
> I'm kind of at a loss here for what to do. Eat chicken breast instead? No,
> wait, that's got pheromones. Hormones. I meant hormones. Then there's BSE
> the beef, and pork, hell, even the Bible tells you not to eat that!
> So, then, seriously, I suppose this mercury poisoning is a serious thing
> I ought to cut down on tuna to, say... two cans a week?
> Nope! One can. According to the gotmercury link two cans a week is
> it for a 260 pound man!)
> Speaking of depression (in the other thread and on another topic), are
> foods that are supposed to be good or bad for it?
> Mike

Some of that (I did not read your specific links, but have read many others)
will be CYA. Also, mercury hits developing children A LOT more than grown
adults.  However, if you are really concerned, switch some of your tuna to
salmon. The smaller fish (sardines anyone) have lower mercury as the larger
fish get more by eating huge volumes of smaller fish.
Also, turkey is a great substitute for chicken (although if the hormones
really scare you there is not much you can do other than raise your own).
Dr. Dickie
Skepticult member in good standing #394-00596-438
Poking kooks with a pointy stick
Proud member of the, "Vast right-wing conspiracy."

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    • Got tuna?
      • From: "Mike Turco" <miketurco@yahoo-no-spam-4-me.com>
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