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Re: Site Disappeared from Google

On Tue, 08 Feb 2005 02:05:19 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:

>Duende wrote:
>> While sitting in a puddle CarolW. scribbled in the mud:
>>>>Speaking of which. I just changed one of my sites to display random
>>>>articles on the home page. How do you think that will affect my SE
>>> One of my sites' main page changes periodically, about once a week,
>> Mine changes every time you hit the refresh button. everything that is
>> except the <h1> and the menu. the page title is the same as the <h1>.
>> Google never has liked this site but MSN & Yahoo love it.
>I think the metatag which specifies 'visit-after' has (should have?) a
>significant effect too. That is unless Google et al. completely ignore it.
>I am not sure how much change in content affects (or should affect)
>crawling cycles... because it's too easy to fake.

I don't use the META revisit-after tag. Back in 1996 or so it may have
been helpful, for sites that frequently changed contents, to have
shared it but these days it seems pointless. Besides some people place
it on pages that do not change in contents. 

Try putting in META revisit-after say of 60 days, every-other month
deal. Then - after 3 or 4 months, change it to every 30 days [once a
month]. View your stats to see when the spiders visited and how often
- per your META requested time frame that is. 

I think people sometimes feel the revisit-after 14 days requesting
"works" because the spiders happen to visit sometime during that 14
days time schedule. A coincidence more so than actually being able to
tell Yahoo, MSN, or Google when it is more preferred for them to
spider the site. Try taking that request to daily - and your contents
don't change daily, and I imagine that the spiders will stay to their
own schedule versus the one tried to being shared through META. 

My site, where the main page changes weekly, has those changes picked
up within a day or two on Google's side. I don't think META would help
speed that up. I try to change the contents on a Friday, and generally
by Saturday that is reflected - sometimes, though, I have noticed the
changes picked up within a couple of hours. 

I may have just lucked into the spiders schedule? *shrug* Doubtful as
some people change their contents on Mondays and still have it
reflected within a short period of time. The newer pages may not be
easily pulled up in a search but the page, linking to those new pages,
has been updated to share - even through cache - about those new

Some theorize that on Google PR helps determine the frequency of
spider visits. Others theorize it may be the PR of your IBLs - since
spiders follow links. Which neither explain Yahoo or MSN's frequency. 


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