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Re: Site Disappeared from Google

Paul Burke wrote:

> On Sat, 12 Feb 2005 07:10:55 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:
>>Big Bill wrote:
>>> It's possible that Googlebot came calling when you were down and has
>>> dropped you. You'll get back in on the next spidering, I imagine.
>>> Which could be later today, or a million years, or next Tuesday
>>> (tra-la-la), depending probably upon how often you updated your
>>> content and upon how often sites that link to you update their
>>> content.
>>> You'll have to sit this one out, I'm afraid. Shouldn't be more than a
>>> few days though really, I wouldn't think. If it is then come back and
>>> we'll (us here) think of something.
>>> BB
>>> --
>>> www.kruse.co.uk SEO@kruse.demon.co.uk
>>>          home of SEO that's shiny!
>>> --
>>It has been almost a week since the downtime and the pages are still all
>>'downgraded' in Google. Will results for phrases I dominated at least come
>>back to their (roughly) original position? Anyone had experience with
>>Google is costing me health!! <SOS>
> Hi
> Wait till google has cached your whole site. Mine dissappeared and
> reappeared for a short while before vanishing again. When I looked, It
> had only cached the index page. The rest of the site is still showing
> a cached date of 1st feb.


I am sorry, but I find it hard to understand the point you are making. Do
you imply that Google will try to cache my entire site before re-putting it
where it used to be?

Thanks very much,


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