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Re: SEO Rules for Blogs & RSS

  • Subject: Re: SEO Rules for Blogs & RSS
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 05:30:36 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
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John Bokma wrote:

> Ergobob wrote:
>> "John Bokma" <postmaster@castleamber.com> wrote in message
>> news:Xns95DE758BDE1E1castleamber@
>>> Ergobob wrote:
>>>> Hello Everyone,
>>>> People had alluded to SEO using Blogs and RSS Feeds from time to
>>>> time.
>>>> I was wondering if anyone has thought about linking strategies for
>>>> each of them?
>>>> I setup a Blog and RSS Feed at www.usernomics.com/blog/blog.html .
>>>> My
>>>                                                    ^^^^
>>> Ouch.
>>> http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2004/04/28/dontusethebword.html
>>> It's old info, but I had the above impression.
>> Hi John,
>> I am not sure what you are flagging. My blog is just an add-on to my
>> main website. The blog has a PR=4 and gets one of the top 3 spots on
>> Google for any keyword + blog added to it.
> Any keyword? :-D
>> There is good and unique
>> information in the blog. If Google treats blogs differently than
>> websites, that's OK with me. The website get good ranking on its own.
>> Am I missing something here?
> My experience, see article, was that googlebot slows down. Is it just
> "blog", or blog + yyyy mm dd. Also, as noted, it's old info, no idea if
> it still is valid, if it was at all. I only noticed that my subpages
> didn't get fetched by googlebot for a few days. Then I changed the name
> from blog to mexit and presto, in Google within 24 hrs.

It all seems to make very much sense and it's an interesting _opinion_ (or
suspicion rather) to be aware of.

It is not the bots that concern me, but rather the opinion of visitors.
People are being fed the (possibly justifiable) belief that blogs are
uncensored, unauthorised and a bogus source of information. I think the
media as a whole should know it's the best way to prevent losing readership
to blogs.

People often discard information they read on a blog or a forum because of
this impression they were led to have.

Roy Schestowitz

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