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Re: computer treadmil

Beverly wrote:

> "Mike Turco" <miketurco@yahoo-no-spam-4-me.com> wrote in message
> news:D1IKd.28147$1t.23989@fed1read06...
>> I was just reading an article where somebody said they set their computer
> up
>> on top of a treadmill and spent their day walking while working. I have a
>> kiosk that you have to stand up to use that I have for demos. I'm at the
>> computer all day. Why not toss this desk in the garage for a while and
> give
>> a go at bring more active at the computer.
>> Has anybody seen or heard of something like this? I'm having a hard time
>> envisioning really being able to work at such a contraption, and I
> question
>> whether its feasible to put together. I'd like to entertain the though,
> and
>> if somebody's seen one of these please let me know. (Especially if you
> have
>> a link to a picture or something.)
>> Mike
> I don't have any information on setting the computer on a treadmill but
> here are a couple sites with information on using an exercise ball as a
> computer
> chair.  I often use my exercise ball instead of the regular chair at the
> computer at home. 

So I suppose a Webcam would be out of the question. *smile*

> You're constantly using the leg and abdominal muscles
> to
> balance yourself.  It also reduces back fatigue and improves your posture.

This I believe.

> I'm sure if I put the computer on a treadmill it wouldn't be too long
> before I became distracted and forgot to walk :)

The problem is that concentration of the mind, physical motion and
coordination work poorly all at once. If you make an effort to keep up,
then you find the whole experience to be stressful and excruciating.

Roy Schestowitz

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