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Re: Missing RSS??

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:16:08 +0100, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:
> Ignoramus27036 wrote:
>> Thanks a lot for your help. I also regret that I did not develop good
>> features for a few years, not doing the right things (partly because we
>> had a kid).
>> I placed your button on http://www.algebra.com/.
> Okay, I was going to remain quiet, but I feel like I must suggest an
> improvement.

Always appreciated.

> The placement of the botton in the front page is excellent, but all/most
> pages below that level do not bring up the orange goodness in the status
> bar of Firefox. If it is work in progress, then fine. Otherwise, you might
> want to use a little Linux script to recursively add a feed link to all
> HTML files. It would be painless. I already coded up the darn thing.

Let me describe my thought process a little bit. I started off with
four feeds (new site feature announcements, newly submitted unsolved
problems, newly solved problems, and new contents added). 

Because I had four different feeds, I did not want to "spam" all my
pages with am XML link to an arbitrary feed, cutting off other
feeds. instead, I placed links to relevant feeds to pages that
logically are related to the feeds. For example, I have a page where
tutors can review newly submitted unsolved problems, and solve
whichever ones they want. On that page, I placed a link to, drumroll,
the unsolved problems feed. I also have a page with recently solved
problems, with a link to the solved problems feed.

As of this morning, I also added a combined "Algebra.Com News" feed,
which is comprised of the last 5 site feature update announcements,
last 5 new content updates, last 10 unsolved problems and last 10
solved problems.

I feel that this is fairly acceptable for placing on all pages as a
header link element, where a link to another feed is not defined.

I am not sure what's the benefit of that though. Would that not dilute
the attention paid to more proper RSS feeds?

> Some people must be entering your site at a deep level, e.g. after searching
> the Web. You ought to encourage them or at least give them the possibility
> to subscribe. You will then have them return.

That's a great point. 

Making a site wide change of adding a default RSS button, where a more
specific one is not provided, is equivalent to adding one line of perl
to one module in my system.


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