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Re: RedirectPermanent Problem

Mark Parnell wrote:

> Previously in alt.www.webmaster, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> said:
>> /However/, I have just decided to take that little step. Embedding the
>> line you offered at the top resulted in 500 errors - Internal server
>> error, which I very quickly fixed by reverting to the old version.
>> Apparently it won't do... *frown*
> I would say then that either your host doesn't allow you to use
> .htaccess to set that, or my syntax was wrong. I'm far from being an
> expert on .htaccess, so the latter is quite possible, but I did check
> with the docs and was sure I'd got it right, so it's more likely the
> former. Not much you can do about that other than talk to your host or
> change to a different host. :-)

I trust you, don't get me wrong. Perhaps it collided with existing
redirections, e.g. a dozen or so redirections I had set up for RSS feeds
(to compensate for 'round-the-clock errors and feeds services that are new
in the business and think that case does not matter).

Assuming that the order of elements does not matter, I inserted the lines
you suggested right before the large collection of RedirectMatch permanent

RedirectPermanent /weblog /Weblog

RedirectMatch permanent ^/weblog/index.php$

RedirectMatch permanent ........



Whether the order makes a difference or not, I am not entirely sure.

Thanks again,


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