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Re: Thunderbird - disabling 'mark message as read'

On 11 Nov 2005 the suspect Roy Schestowitz said:

> Speaking of which, I am not entirely sure that Outlook Express, as
> just one example among many, provides the option which you describe
> above. I can recall that "number of seconds" variable, but I am not
> sure if there was a corresponding enable/disable checkbox nearby.
> Don't forget that as well as read/unread status, there is flagging,
> categories, urgency, etc. You can use these as an alternative.

I recall that at least some six years ago, Outlook (and IIRC OE) had an
option to mark an email as read after seeing it for X seconds in the
preview window for a given time. Since OE treats postings as emails, I
expect that to be the same.

The "set as read" in either is a nasty little thing. I once worked for
a company where a woman used little - more or less silly - emails to
track who was in at a given time by asking for a "read" notice. Outlook
connected to an Exchange server didn't give you any option to stop that
behaviour. Sometimes she would send stupid jokes (wasting our time, of
course) or angry notes a la "put your cups in the dishwasher" to all@,
just to see when the read-notice came in.

$BOSS(-1) found a pretty little hack: just don't fully open the emails,
but read them in the preview and disable the "set as read" flagging. If
you feel you must reply, open them when you feel it's the best time to
do so. When the woman couldn't be stopped otherwise, he made sure that
the mailservers' virus scanners were up-to-date and then spread the
word :)

Life ain't fair, but the root password helps.
                      - BOFH
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