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Re: Why the Web (or M$, I$P and G) Opened the Door to Corruption

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Thursday 13 October 2005 19:47 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> E-mail traffic worldwide is about 50% spam. If all goes as planned or
>> predicted, expect 50% of content to be mirrors, 50% of links to be
>> synthetic and 50% of Web traffic to be utter garbage. Great future
>> ahead!
>> Enjoy the Net today... before it's destroyed. I have been manually
>> filtering (human filter) for my site for the past 24 hours. Had I not
>> done
>> that, my shared host would not have coped and I would have been
>> 'separated'
>> from the Web. I have not done any work whatsoever today and yesterday.
>> Luckily, my supervisor understands.
> What's with the pessimism, Roy?

It's innate. I inherited that from my dad.

> Site?s under attack? Big deal. I am sitting here and looking at 1200+
> entries list of unauthorized root access attempts on only one of my hosts
> for the last 24 hours. Business as usual. Sometimes 3000, sometimes 500.
> Never less than 500 in a day.

It's not a matter of attempts to penetrate. I had page requests that in one
day (2 days ago) had the potential of demanding ~50 GB. Had I not watched
what was happening, the server would not have coped. I now find that the
attackers have moved to another site of mine (othellomaster.com). Luckily,
I now have some experience so it's a matter of practice re-use.

> The point is: how is the Websphere (not a trade mark but an analogue to
> Noosphere ir Biosphere ;-) ) different in this sense from the rest of your
> life? Unless you were raised under a glass dome, you might have noticed
> that life is not fair. There?s crime and there are accidents and
> everything else that makes life less than perfect. I assume you wouldn?t
> leave your car unlocked in a bad part of the city you live in, would you?
> I you did, would you be surprised if you saw it vandalized upon your
> return?
> 90% of my mail is junk. That?s my US Post-delivered mail I?m talking
> about.  If I did not dump all the junk from my PO into the adjacent trash
> bin at least once a week, it would have exploded. Does it mean US Post has
> to be shut down? God, no! I wouldn?t be able to get that new PC mouse I
> ordered recently.

Interesting point about the "trash bin". I have a wastebasket next to the 
pigeonhole for exactly that purpose. You know, Don Knuth, has designed his
kitchen using graph theory and worked out where to put his bin to become
most efficient. He also reads his mail every 3 months, i.e. in 'batch

> I do have a feeling that?s an exact opposite to yours: the Web was a saint
> place compared to the rest of the world, and now it just gets back to
> normal.

Not "back". It was never so corrupted. It used to be a platform for defence,
academic and commercial bodies to communicate. Had its expansion been more
carefully thought-through, all of this would not have happened.

Think of Windows... ActiveX... wow! Wonderful... so much power... remote
desktop... how can anybody beat that? Mass-mailing program... the corporate
Utopia, so let's add that... installations in the backgrounds...
auto-configurations, et cetera et cetera. So where is Windows today?
Actually it's attacking my sites because it's so badly flawed. It failed to
anticipate the effect of a world with people who do not wear a suit and
hold a tablet (contrary to the image M$ would put in their homepage).

> Hey, look at the bright side: there are good people out there! Say hello
> to your supervisor ;-)


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