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Re: Why the Web (or M$, I$P and G) Opened the Door to Corruption

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Think of Windows... ActiveX... wow! Wonderful... so much power...
> remote desktop... how can anybody beat that? Mass-mailing program...
> the corporate Utopia, so let's add that... installations in the
> backgrounds... auto-configurations, et cetera et cetera. So where is
> Windows today? Actually it's attacking my sites because it's so badly
> flawed. It failed to anticipate the effect of a world with people who
> do not wear a suit and hold a tablet (contrary to the image M$ would
> put in their homepage).

Things like this happened before windows, on a smaller scale, just 
because less people were connected. So guess where it's going :-)

Changing to a more secure OS doesn't help. A user with limited rights 
on, say Linux, must still be able to send out email. The only step to 
automate this is to have the user run an executable. No he doesn't have 
to be root (and even then, people would do so if you ask them nicely). 
And how hard is it to have the user run an exe? Not that hard, I can 
manage it with quite some people.

Also, security flaws are not limited to Windows. Yes, I know: Open 
Source, everybody can see the source (but most don't, moreover there is 
plenty of badly written, unreadable, insecure Open Source out there). 
And patches are available within hours of reporting a security issue (if 
you're lucky that is). But how many people are stand by, 24/7 for fixing 
their computer? 

Automatically? No thanks.

In short: move 80% of the users over to a "secure" OS, and they manage 
to cause a similar problem, which is not a virus destroying all files, 
but a program which can be remotely controlled over the Internet.

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