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Re: Googlebot becoming obnoxious

__/ [Ignoramus25589] on Friday 14 October 2005 05:31 \__

> It crawls my websites algebra.com and cooldictionary.com way too
> fast.
> Today, for instance, algebra.com received 67,000 accesses from
> googlebot.
> They also misbehave and do not honor Crawl-delay setting.
> I am not going to ban googlebot from crawling my site, but I am
> becoming somewhat apprehensive of them.
> I want to limit their accesses to, say, no more than every 5
> seconds. How can I do it, realistically speaking.
> i

* Nice to have you back in this NG

* Mikkel, I am aware of the subject line which will be bound to my name in
SEPR's... ouch!

Someone in this newsgroup asked a similar question a month or two back. It
is not quite possible to limit the demands that reach from Google if I
recall correctly. That was the conclusion reached, I think. My recollection
tells me that the best move would be to contact Google saying that your
dedicated server is knocked on too hard.

(since I bound my name to the subject line, I might as well go all the way)

001 650 330 0100

Call them to get an E-mail address and then be in touch with a real person

Hope it helps,


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