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Re: Commercial vs Free Software development pressures

Ah TCP/IP stack is an exception. almost _every_ implementation of TCP/IP is
built on the BSD one. The Linux implementation is an exception because of a
lawsuit involving the code at the time networking support was being added
to Linux; the Linux developers decided to play safe and write code from

But yeah there quite probably _is_ some other BSD code in Windows. How much
is open to debate - I mean like I said if it came out in public it _would_
be a marketing disaster. MS, like most commercial software developers but
unlike the Free Software community, is concerned about marketing. Hence
they would happily _not_ use BSD or similarly licensed code in their
software, for fear of the PR implications. At least it wouldn't be decided
at a high level.

I mean what commercial developer would call an image editor 'The GIMP'?

Free Software developers are free to take their development in any
direction. The proliferation of 'lightweight' FS apps is a good example.
The commercial developers have to constantly add more features to get
people to pay to upgrade, creating bloated applications that require people
to hardware upgrade as well. Free Software (and, for that matter,
closed-source freeware) developers are freed from such commercial

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Windows is known to have been built on some BSD source, at lease some TCP
> stack or whatever it may have been. That's only what the community is
> /aware/ of. Just imagine how many thefts have been swept under the table
> over the years.
> Roy

Tom Wootten, Trinity  Hall.

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