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Re: Autosummarize and Trends

__/ [Noticedtrends] on Monday 17 October 2005 20:02 \__

> <snips>
>> > Would the search-results contain content; which happens to frequently
>> > mention seemingly disconnected sets of keywords like "Lately (Boolean
>> > NEAR) noticed", "Trend toward" OR "becoming more", "people have
>> > become", or "Lately (Boolean NEAR) [specific industry segments,
>> > companies, products, social trends, etc.]?"
>> I suggest you see:
>> http://www.veen.com/jeff/archives/000749.html
>> In particular the discussion which revolves around the word "apparently"
>> > Such proposals seem to involve artificial intelligence where computers
>> > can actually infer; which is a combination of logical and intuitive
>> > processes. ...
>> Intuition is nothing beyond what we know as knowledge (or logic to remain
>> consistent with your wording). "Intuition" is a 'fluffy' term used to
>> overcomplicate things we sometimes fail (or do not wish) to understand.
>> Examples: "Soul", "Love", "Fate"...
>> > ... Applying such developments on practical scales still seems
>> > to be a long way into the future.
>> It's resource-greedy, I know.


> By any chance, can Microsoft WORD's feature AUTOSUMMARIZE serve as a
> study? AUTOSUMMARIZE does a good job on discerning relevant points on
> content that is impartial and objective in scope. Yet, one content that
> is more "subjective" in scope, AUTOSUMMARIZE at best does a fair-job at
> discerning relevance; at times the results are amusing!

I can imagine that would be about as amusing as a lookup at googlism.com.
The issue with AUTOSUMMARIZE is that it's closed source, but I agree it can
serve as a 'proof of concept' case study. The method -- that is what
happens behind the scenes -- is not accessible and I loathe the idea of an
impending software patent, of which Microsoft has plenty lined up like
cannonballs. They begin to fear Linux too much so they try to 'shut the
doors' while they still can.

I am writing a formal 1-pager for Iuron at the moment. I hope I can put it
up later this morning.


...engines have no so-called "thirst for knowledge", but rather a thirst for


The site has been getting quite a lot of visits, which have overwhelmed me
as surprising and had me set up a sourceforge project page yesterday. I am
now just waiting for the moderator's approval.


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