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Re: Best Linking Structure

__/ [Mikkel Moldrup-Lakjer] on Tuesday 18 October 2005 16:55 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> A  large number of links, all of which lead to the main page will 
>> neither
>> help  your visitors, nor will they reward your front page. Keywords
>> densi-
>> ties  and the page title will have a far greater impact. You are 
>> inclined to think that the number of link will significantly (perhaps
>> proportional-
>> ly)  increase  your ranks, but since they all come from the  same 
>> domain, they are all 'siblings'.
> We don't know what weight Google gives to links that are 'siblings' as
> compared to links that are not.
> Do we?
> Mikkel

It's probably quite a complex thing to express mathematically, but if it
was known, it would have probably been misused. Think of scenarios where
a small collection of people link from hundreds of pages to their frien-
ds and get the same thing in return. Think of blogrolls and do a backli-
nks search on some popular blogs or software that benefits from footers,
albeit in the latter case, many _unique_ sites (thousands) can be invol-
ved. Some of the high-ranked bloggers are those who distributed tools or
plug-ins where they bothered to have a URL footer for SEO purposes.


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