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Re: Best Linking Structure

__/ [jo] on Tuesday 18 October 2005 16:35 \__

> What's the best linking structure for a simple 10 page website? The 9
> internal pages are all in the main directory. The way I have it now is I
> have links for the 9 internal pages on the index page of the site and on
> each of the 9 pages I have two links, one is for the root domain address
> and the other is index.html and I also have those 2 links on the index
> page as well. I'm trying to concentrate all the power of the site to the
> root domain url which is the page of the site I want to get listed high.
> Do you think having an index.html link as well is bad or good to help
> that? It's sort of like having 2 different links to the homepage and not
> sure if that's such a good idea if I want to get the homepage listed
> high? Also none of the 9 internal pages have a link to them-self, only
> the 2 links to the homepage (root domain link and an index.html link).
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jo,

A  large number of links, all of which lead to the main page will  neither
help  your visitors, nor will they reward your front page. Keywords densi-
ties  and the page title will have a far greater impact. You are  inclined
to think that the number of link will significantly (perhaps proportional-
ly)  increase  your ranks, but since they all come from the  same  domain,
they are all 'siblings'.

Due  to the number of pages in your site, I suggest you have a  navigation
bar  that incorporates all pages in a logical manner. Users will avoid the
two-click  navigation (back to home -> Section X or browser's back  button
-> Section X), which is a bonus. Likewise, crawlers will be less likely to
get  'stuck'. The issue can be discussed in much more depth, but I hope my
answer  helps you realise what's probably ideal given the scale  (possibly
nature too) of your site.

Best Regards,


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