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Re: Palm to Interpret/Show XSL Data

__/ [Alex] on Tuesday 18 October 2005 22:09 \__

> hmm yeah that's not really what I need. Basicly I need to transform the
> XSL to another file format that (almost) every Palm can read, so that
> no external reader is necessary.(It's my job to create something in
> java that can read XSL files and display them) I probably ask something
> very easy but I can't seem to find a closing answer online.
> So is there nothing like (for example a IE built in a windows system
> for viewing .html files) a specific file format that every palm can
> read and show where I can transform the XSL to?

Ahh...  with this clarification, I better understand now what you seek.  I
know XSL all too well and now that you mention Java I can imagine what you
try  to  achieve. I am trying to think of some older Palm models and  what
they  incorporate 'out of the box'. One thing you could do is output plain
text  with some indentation that, in turn, any simple built-in application
like  memo  pad should be able to interpret. There are then concerns  over
the  4KB limit and maybe line fitting (there is no wrapping). I am  afraid
that there is not much else you can afford to do unless you are willing to
require  a user to install some software. Laurent's suggestions are  exac-
tly right assuming you wind up going down that route.

Hope it helps,


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