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Re: Best Linking Structure

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:43:02 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>__/ [jo] on Tuesday 18 October 2005 16:35 \__
>> What's the best linking structure for a simple 10 page website? The 9
>> internal pages are all in the main directory. The way I have it now is I
>> have links for the 9 internal pages on the index page of the site and on
>> each of the 9 pages I have two links, one is for the root domain address
>> and the other is index.html and I also have those 2 links on the index
>> page as well. I'm trying to concentrate all the power of the site to the
>> root domain url which is the page of the site I want to get listed high.
>> Do you think having an index.html link as well is bad or good to help
>> that? It's sort of like having 2 different links to the homepage and not
>> sure if that's such a good idea if I want to get the homepage listed
>> high? Also none of the 9 internal pages have a link to them-self, only
>> the 2 links to the homepage (root domain link and an index.html link).
>> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>Hi Jo,
>A  large number of links, all of which lead to the main page will  neither
>help  your visitors, nor will they reward your front page. Keywords densi-
>ties  and the page title will have a far greater impact. You are  inclined
>to think that the number of link will significantly (perhaps proportional-
>ly)  increase  your ranks, but since they all come from the  same  domain,
>they are all 'siblings'.

Note programmer talk there. Siblings.

>Due  to the number of pages in your site, I suggest you have a  navigation
>bar  that incorporates all pages in a logical manner. Users will avoid the
>two-click  navigation (back to home -> Section X or browser's back  button
>-> Section X), which is a bonus. Likewise, crawlers will be less likely to
>get  'stuck'. The issue can be discussed in much more depth, but I hope my
>answer  helps you realise what's probably ideal given the scale  (possibly
>nature too) of your site.

The philosophy you need to follow is that engines are dumb and need to
be beaten about their thick heads until they understand the purpose
and content of each and every one of your ten pages. One good way to
do this is to include a key to their identity in the anchor text of
the words you use to link to each of them. So, if you have ten pages,
you have nine opportunities to link to the home page using an
appropriate keyword in the link. Thus, if your home page is about
green widgets, have each of them link to it along the lines of 
<a href="index.htm">Green Widgets Home Page</a> or similar. If you
have a page on the history of said widgets, a good way to let the
engines know that's what it is about is to link to it from all the
other pages saying <a href="yada.htm">Green Widgets - a History</a>.
And so on and forth.

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