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Re: Google Cache Overhaul?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> I have just checked about 8 sites (not mine) for number of indexed
> pages,
> e.g. using:

> http://www.yourcache.com/

> It seems as if there is a lot of housekeeping work at the moment as
> there
> are more minus ones than actual numbers for most lookups (one of the
> better outcomes below).

> If you have just checked these numbers recently, I suggest you do so
> now.
> Is this normal? I can't recall anything like this. I tried phoning
> Google
> but live support is not up yet because it's too early in the morning
> over
> there...

It can as easily be an overhaul at yourcache.com. Check for number of
indexed pages with Marketleap's tool did not reveal any unusual pattern.
BTW, how did they come up with such great number of indexed pages for MSN?
Marketleap has 1343 days of history for msn.com cache and the highest
number of indexed msn.com pages is 748. That adds to the discussion if
Google likes dynamic URLs ;-)

Some kind of Google update is due any day now, but the cache overhaul
phenomenon you reported does not seem to be happening.

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