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Re: Last Changes at Google algorithm

__/ [Gordowey] on Thursday 20 October 2005 15:02 \__

> Hi all, i would like to know if someone heards about changes in the
> google classification algorithm.
> I have a website, that was well ranked for 15 keywords, but after the
> last Google-dance (this month 10/2005) my site dropped to >50th
> position for 12 of my keywords.
> Can anyone help me?
> Thanks all
> Alberto

The update is not finished yet. I spotted a similar behaviour in different
sites  that  reside in different countries with different Web  hosts.  The
themes  of the site vary as well; so do the owners. See the recent threads
with the headings "PR Update Started" and "Google Cache Overhaul".

I  checked my Google referrals on a day-to-day chart generated by Visitors
0.5.  The decrease in referrals (proportional to placement in SEPR's)  was
gradual since the beginning of the month, but seems to be capable of draw-
ing one's attention last week and settled in a very conspicuous low 3 days
ago  (this  was very clear to see in the charts). If the updates are  com-
pleted,  all should be back to normal. If not this month, it will be  next
month. I saw that happening 8 months ago. Ask Bill. He knows...


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