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Re: Windows Definitely Headed for Its Death

DFS wrote:

> What requirements are those?  MS hasn't haven't released them.

The only review I have come acroos, in a computer magazine, said a 3GHz

> And 2005 was supposed to be the Year of Linux.  So was 2004, and 2003....

Yeah true I guess.

> I know you Linux hypocrites would love to force the OEMs to sell Linux
> machines, despite the fact (that's capital FACT) that it would shortly
> drive
> all of them out of business.

If _some_ OEMs sell machines without Windows (linux preinstalled is a good
idea because of the old chickenegg problem with Linux - to get Linux you
normally download it, but that requires an OS already) - and not just at
the very low end but across the range, and if these machines can average,
say, Â100 saving over Windows for the same specs, that's good.

> You whiners believe in 'choice' only when 
> it's the choices you want.

That kind of attitude is by no means restricted to Linux advocates. MS do it
all the time.

> KDE is a nice desktop, no doubt.  Far superior to Gnome or any other Linux
> window manager/desktop environment.

Personally I like KDE over GNOME. Other WMs are generally 'lightweight',
performing well on older hardware at the expense of some eye candy. But
really much of it is is being stuck in Windows mindsets. There's a few
posts here about the power of the CLI (Very, very impressed with linux) -
read them.

> Don't make us laugh.  Gnome-based Ubuntu is a joke.  Anyone used to a real
> OS like Windows will find it primitive and slow and amateurish.
What is a 'real' OS? Well here's what I think it is:
An OS that functions beautifully both as a server and a workstation. Linux
is. WinXP isn't.
An OS combining tried-and-tested foundations with the latest in innovation.
Linux is. Windows maybe.
An OS that allows the user total choice over the working environment. Linux
is. Windows isn't.
An OS that runs stably and is secure. Linux is. WinXP is a bit more stable
than older versions, but still inferior.
An OS that empowers you to make your computer do what you want it to do.
Linux does. Windows, despite some recent Microsoft ads, doesn't. MS claim
you can 'mix it [music]'. Well, only if the DRM lets you.
> As is the case with so many of the stupid MS and Windows proclamations
> made by you silly cola bozos, there is NO evidence to support anything you
> say.

Well Windows won't die. But I for one have found Linux an overall better
working environment.

Oh, and Unix mount points are far superior to Windows drive letters. The
mounting and filesystem concept is one of the best aspect of Unix.

Tom Wootten, Trinity  Hall.
There was only ever one valid use for the notorious <blink> tag:
Schrodinger's cat is <blink>not</blink> dead.

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